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Hello beautiful soul,

Doula, NLP & Timeline Therapy™ practitioner, coach, breathwork facilitator, reiki healer, and woman on a mission to help others heal and breathe life into the best versions of themselves

I’m Prianka

"Our dreams are ours for the taking, if only we have the confidence to grab them with both hands.
I am here to help you build that confidence."

I grew up in a culture where children were expected to be seen, but not heard. In a country where survival was what I saw those around me doing – I can count on one hand the people I knew who were truly thriving. I was lucky to be born into an incredibly tight knit family and community. We celebrated the wins together, and commiserated the losses together, and were together for all the moments that make up life in between.

When I was 8 years old, my parents made the extremely difficult decision to leave all their friends, and family, and the life we had worked so hard to build, and move to a country that offered better jobs in search of a better life. That is how I was blessed to have landed in New Zealand. That is also the backdrop against which I realized there was so much more to life, so much potential, so many opportunities.


What followed was decades of me figuring out who I was a person, how I thrive in my environment, and the blend of cultures I was born into, and later immigrated into. How to build the relationships and communities that would facilitate everyone involved to thrive – and take the freedom and opportunities afforded by this new country and culture and do something amazing. It was an exercise in finding my voice and feeling called to use it for good! It required some of the lowest lows – and healing through those – and some of the highest highs – and seizing those opportunities – to build my own awareness, work through my own baggage, and figure out who I want to be in this world – and what really, truly, sets my soul on fire… my soul’s purpose.

And that is how I got here – knowing without a doubt that my place in the world is to help others work through the fears, and the lows, and harness the opportunities and the highs, and step into each moment as their very best self. I am now certified to guide others in the healing modalities that changed my life – and cannot wait to get started! How can I help you be your best self today?

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10+ years in Digital Product Management


NLP Practitioner

Timeline Therapy™ Practitioner

Coach & mentor

Cacao ceremony facilitator

Reiki Practitioner

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